Das good, back to Deutschland

25 September 2014

Waking up before the sunrise and pulling into a raining Munich train station I was ready for a nap before the day was even beginning. However we had planned to hit the ground running with a full day of wandering around the city before we made it to our home. The weather on the other hand didn’t want to cooperate with our sight-seeing adventures so our first few hours were spent in the train station. It did provide some excellent people watching of the people drinking off yesterday’s hangover in their lederhosen or passed out on the staircase. We ventured outside a few times hoping the weather would clear, but it wasn’t until 8am that the rain turned to an on and off again drizzle that we began our tour.

We were both tired so inevitably it took only ten minutes before we were arguing over directions.  Just to prove a point we walked all the way back to the train station to follow the signs which took us back in the same direction, this time however I was put in charge which took us by St. Paul’s church. The weather wasn’t so great we decided to take a quick tour to get out of the rain before making it to Oktoberfest (the next day we realized we walked almost to the next station when we got lost on our first attempt). While the ride operators and food vendors were just arriving to work, there were plenty of attendees beginning to line up to get into the various beer halls. To me it looked like one giant fair with lots beer hall tents. I guess I never realized that there was more to it then just beer. There were more rides and food options than I have ever seen at any US fair, plus the food actually smelled good.

After our short visit there we headed off to the main tourist center, Marienplatz. As with any city’s pathway towards the main tourists’ destination, the streets are lined with shops. There was everything from the Apple store (and yes we did stop in to see the new iPhone 6) to the Gap.

Continuing on with our aimless path we arrived at Viktualienmarkt. There we laughed at the crazy prices for fruit juice drinks, looked at the shops and let our nose take us to a small stand where we bought a sausage and potato plate.


After our morning in the city we made our way out of the city center to the suburbs. Within twenty minutes the landscape had changed to cornfields and wide open spaces. When we got off at our station we were surrounded by a wooded forest and farmlands. After making ourselves at home we headed out for the evening to Watcherhof which was a twenty minute walk past cornfields and horse stables. While there were a few Italian restaurants, we decided to go with the local beer hall for warm and hearty meal. Just half way thru my meal, I could feel the meat sweats starting. But I would expect nothing less from a traditional German meal.

Today’s Travel: From Munich HBF, walking around sites downtown and out to Watcherhof

Accommodations: Airbnb. We continue to have great luck with our Airbnb rentals. Our home in Hohenbrunn about 30 minutes outside of Munich was perfect for short stay. The walk to the train station was only 10 minutes and the efficiencies of the trains here it really made it nice have the city and countryside experience. The apartment had everything we needed; a comfortable bed (even though it was a futon the cushions were great), a washing machine, a kitchen, a big bathroom and plenty of storage for all of our stuff. And our host was very accommodating giving us info on places to eat and accommodating any of our requests.