Settling in, in Barcelona

30 September 2014

It was a rainy morning so we took care of the not so glamourous practicalities of Adam getting his haircut, we did some laundry and we did some research on Morocco and Portugal. Today was also the day that we bought a ticket back to the US. It was so weird to book the flight and have a real end date. I think it might take a while for me to accept that reality. Pretty boring stuff but it also meant that I was able to finish my book and just lounge around the house. With the whirlwind pace we have been traveling at over the last few months in Europe it is so nice to just sit on the couch and not do too much.

With the weather still questionable we headed out to find lunch at a Mexican restaurant called Nino Viejo. As it turns out they weren’t going to open for lunch service until next week. The restaurant had not been open that long so we had to find another lunch option. We kept our eyes open as we wandered back along various side streets but we didn’t see anything that caught our attention.

So after our walk we ended up across the street from our apartment at Quimet y Quimet. Based on my pinterest research this place seems to be very popular and it was dumb luck that we found a room across the street. And the tapas here were as good as claimed however it was also a big tourist draw so it was us and many other travelers enjoying a meal here.

We let another rain cloud pass before venturing back out for a walk down Las Ramblas to La Boqueria.




It was near the end of the day so many of the stalls were closed up but we did find a few places to grab a few snacks including jamon.


Truth be told, about day four or five when in Spain I begin to curse jamon and by the end of most trips here I tell myself I will never eat jamon again. So of course we laughed as we ate the yummy jamon. I guess with a three day trip here I wouldn’t be cursing this food.

That evening we grabbed pizza and watched futbol with our hosts and spent the evening chatting about our mutual love of travel.

Today’s Travel: Around Barcelona

Accommodations: Airbnb.