Strolling through Venice

24 September 2014

We packed our bags and headed out to explore the city one last time. Our first stop for the day was St. Mark’s and this time we made it inside the church.







While it was beautiful it was not as spectacular as the church in Siena. That or I am finally becoming super jaded and places others talk so highly of I always in ready to chime in with a ‘well, in [insert city/site here] there is x,y,z.’

After making it out alive from St. Mark’s square we made our way to the Rialto Bridge to snap some photos and just watch the boats and gondola’s go by.






While hanging out we once again noticed the Mercato Rialto so we wandered on over.


It was still too early to eat gelato (look at that self-control) so we just found a seat on a small dock next to the market to watch the world go by.



Feeling the heat of the early morning sun, we deiced to find our way to Basilica dei Frari to grab gelato at Grom and hang out on the steps near the water and people watch. There just so happened to be a family having a few drinks at the bar across the way before a wedding, which provided some great entertainment.

It was then off to see the city from the bell tower at San Giorgio Maggiore Church.


When we arrived our jaws hit the floor at the cost to climb up to the top so we just wandered around the church and the area around the church. After the short walk we once again found ourselves just hanging out on the walkway with our feet dangling over the water looking out at St. Mark’s square.


After an hour we  were back on the vaporetto back to St. Mark’s square and walked south, dodging tourists and vendors along the way, until we found ourselves along wandering the streets and hung out in a small neighborhood square to kill some more time. There were kids playing soccer and older women watching the neighborhood from her window and trying to help two tourist get into their rental apartment, which was like watching a game of charades.

As we pondered what we wanted to do next we became a bit restless so we decided to keeping on walking with no destination in mind. We ended up heading north until we came to Saints Giovanni and Paolo Basilica. There was an entrance fee so we just saw as much as we could while standing in the entry way. We headed back out into the piazza which was very popular with kids and moms; I have never seen so many kids running around! We then walked into what I thought would lead us to a cool old pharmacy, but unbeknown to us we then found ourselves walking thru the hospital, which is located on beautiful grounds. I thought I could find a free toilet, but alas I could not.

We carried on our aimess path, taking in the quiet side streets, lovely architecture and people watching for a few more hours before grabbing dinner. After arriving in Venice and finding it nearly impossible to get cheap good eats, we turned to the internet to find Dal Moro’s. During our 36ish hours in Venice we ate three meals here. To say we really enjoyed it would be an understatement, the pasta was fresh and the sauces were so tasty we saw no need to find something else. Plus it is centrally located and easy to walk to from almost anywhere on the island.

Plus you can't beat the views from standing by the canal.

Plus you can’t beat the views from standing by the canal.

After finishing our dinner we made our way back through St. Mark’s Square for a few more photos and then back to our hotel to grab our bags and head to the train station.





By the time we left for the train station I was looking at the city map and realized that we had walked almost the entire island and a few sections many times over.

Arriving at the station for our night train to Munich an hour or so early we just parked ourselves and our stuff on the ground and waited for the track number to show up on the board. And no train trip would be complete without another fun story. As the ticket taker arrived at our bunk, he looked at our ticket and in German began to tell us that we had the wrong ticket (again based on tone and his pointing). After a few attempts at understanding he grabbed the ticket of our bunk mates and we realized we didn’t print our ticket in the proper dimensions. At that point I wanted to tell him that we printed this at our hotel in Italy where the staff spoke minimal English and we had to print from our email and not from the pdf so dimensions of the QR code were off. After this short lecture, he scanned the code and our credit card and our reservation appeared on the screen. We had a good laugh as we both thought that the next time we are on a train, we will most likely just have a QR code on our phone and we will have to scan it to open the car door. So maybe this ticket taker was going to take his job seriously until technology caught up on the German train system and this guy’s role would be obsolete.

Today’s Travel: Venice to Munich on the night train

Accommodations: Overnight train from Venice to Munich. Just a typical bunk bed 4 berth night train; nothing fancy about it but I was able to get a few hours of sleep.

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